About the conference

<p>Belarus and our society (how we live and work) has changed in 2020. The people received a historical chance for a potential change. A lot of people choose to follow their beliefs about what is critical for the Belarusian nation now to become a democratic prosperous society in the nearest future. How Belarus of the future will look like? What can we do for our nation to survive now and to become more agile and intelligent for many years ahead? Can technologies become the fundament for building a new modern civil society?</p>
<p>Our conference consists of 3 streams. We have brought together the brightest leaders from around the world to rethink the principles and discuss the possibilities of a digital state, digital economy, and a digital personality.</p>
<p>We will discuss the opportunities that technology offers for:</p><ul><li>Democracy and civil society</li><li>Effective and transparent processes in executive and legislative authoritiea</li><li>Open communication between the society and a state</li><li>Digital economy and labor market</li><li>Personal data protection for every citizen</li></ul>


November 20


Digital election. How to eliminate a possibility of election fraud. Open data: how to ensure transparency and trust.
Labor market: how digital economy affects labor relations. What opportunities are open for workers and employers. The role of cryptocurrency in modern society and economy.
Digital Identity. Personal data security. Access to citizens' data.

Organizers and Partners

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